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Recently, I stumbled upon an archive of our old issues, going all the way back to  #1. I decided I would make those stories, interviews, poetry and nonfiction pieces available to our readers, so I’ve been posting one back issue per day for the past few days. I’ll continue to do one per day until it’s all back.

There’s some great stuff being added back (issues 1 through 14 were thought lost to a terrible malware incident many months back). This includes stories by Jennifer Pelland, Eugie Foster, Maurice Broaddus, Genevieve Valentine, Mary Robinette Kowal, and so many others. Instead of listing them all, I encourage you to read the stories for yourself.

Another thing I encourage you to do is to support Apex Magazine. If you enjoy the work that we publish, then consider taking out a subscription or buying a copy of our issues. Support doesn’t have to be financial in nature, either. Tell a friend about us. Review the stories on your blog. Remember, pro-active is good!

Here are some great ways to support us:

  1. Sponsorship or advertising. Our sponsorship packages start at $50. Web advertising on the website starts at $25. Email Jason Sizemore (jason@apexbookcompany) for more information and availability.
  2. Subscribe to the magazine. Twelve issues are only $19.95. Subscription options include direct delivery to Kindle devices or to an email account of your choice (a loose ePub, mobi, or PDF file).
  3. Buying a copy of Descended From Darkness: Apex Magazine Vol. I (Print $15.95 Digital: $4.99).
  4. Buying a copy of Descended from Darkness: Apex Magazine Vol. II (Print: $15.95 Digital: $4.99).
  5. Buying a digital copy of Apex Magazine ($2.99).
  6. Buying any book from the Apex Book Store (print or digital).
  7. Take the lifetime challenge. Can you outlive Apex Magazine? $500 for a lifetime subscription. We’re up to 32 issues, so we’re feeling good about our chances!


  • Review the stories somewhere, anywhere.
  • Link to from your website.
  • Tell a friend via interpersonal actions, forum posts, sky writing, blog comments, or graffiti on interstate bridges.
  • Read and enjoy the contents of the magazine.
  • Follow us on Twitter (@apexmag) and Facebook ( Tweet about us. Link to us on Facebook.
  • Leave comments on your favorite Apex stories.

However you decide to show your support, the most important thing to us is that you enjoy the work we present. Each month, Lynne and myself are blown away by the amazing work submitted to us, and proud of the stories that we get to publish.

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