You Are Invited: Survival of the Fictitiousest

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Apex Magazine and Winton Woods High School invite you to “Survival of the Fictitiousest” this coming April 1st from 1-5pm.

Location: Winton Woods High School, 1231 W Kemper Rd, Cincinnati, OH

What is this event?
The school hosted a student writing contest wherein the contestants were presented with a surprise prompt and were given one hour to write a story or poem based on that prompt. The prompt provided was “The Salisbury steak wasn’t from Salisbury and it wasn’t steak.” (taken from INKLINGS, by Leslie and Jarod Anderson).

Grand prize:
The winning story will be published in Apex Magazine!

Maurice Broaddus (author of The Voices of Martyrs and Buffalo Soldiers), Janet Harriett (editor and author) and Gary Braunbeck (multiple Stoker Award-winning author of In Silent Graves and too many other novels to mention).

Event Activities:
Entrants will read their stories to the audience and the judges, While the judges are making their decisions, the entrants will hold a panel discussion on their writing process and how they dealt with this particular challenge. After the winners are announced, the judges and the writers of the top two stories will have a panel discussion on an as of yet undecided topic.

Apex Magazine is proud to be part of this event, and we hope you can join us at Winton Woods High School on April 1st!

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