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Hello readers! Thank you for joining us this month.

Since our last issue, Harvey Weinstein was outed as a disgusting sexual predator, our molester-in-chief continues to talk nuclear, and the genre community’s group anxiety grows. I’ve seen it stated on Twitter and Facebook over and over that the most stressful part of a person’s day is opening up their newsfeed because they expect new and worse horrors. I sympathize with that notion.

Once in a while, however, social media can be cathartic and rise above its fetid base layer. For example, the bravery of women like Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd to speak up, particularly on social media, went a long way toward exposing Harvey Weinstein’s actions. Weinstein held powerful sway over traditional media, so without Twitter, who knows if the creep would have been outed.

In the wake of Weinstein’s multiple sexual assault charges, women across all industries and all over the world spoke up about harassment using the hashtag #metoo. It was eye-opening and depressing to see the mass numbers of people across all sexual spectrums who have suffered sexual harassment and abuse.

We hear you.


This month we have magical new fiction by S.B. Divya titled “An Unexpected Boon.” I was drawn to the author’s lyrical and beautiful voice along with a fast-paced and involving plot. Our second work of original fiction is by K.A. Teryna with “Untilted” (translated by Alex Shvartsman). I adore all forms of Russian science fiction, and Teryna’s story has the hallmarks of great Russian science fiction: it’s incredibly creative and tackles an important social issue. And it’s a great read.

Our reprint this month is the classic “The Man Who Collected Lovecraft” by Nick Mamatas and Tim Pratt. I like to think its reprinting is timely for those following the current Lovecraft controversy.

Interviews this month are with S.B. Divya and cover artist Max Mitenkov. Lesley Conner features the director and lead actress of the indie film The Sublet.

Finally, our two new columns are here! “Between the Lines with the Print Run Podcast” by Laura Zats and Erik Hane analyzes genre issues for our readers. “Page Advice” by Mallory O’Meara and Brea Grant answers questions from our readers.

And that, dear readers, is our November issue. Enjoy!

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