Words for Thought — Short Fiction Review

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#10 March 2017

Tension between the self and the other, suspicion, distrust, but also healing and hope

#9 February, 2017

Humanity and nature

#8 January, 2017

Power and resistance

#7 December, 2016

Self and the struggle within

#6 November, 2016

Places we call home

#5 October, 2016

Life beyond death

#4 September, 2016

Water, transformation, and family

#3 August, 2016

Death, loss, and memory

#2 July, 2016

Destiny and disguises

#1 June, 2016

Flying, falling, jumping, and staying aloft, as well as the uses and abuses of bodies, consumption, what remains hidden, and what people choose not to see.