We’re performing a subscription drive upgrade: Win a NOOK Tablet!

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I guess I should pay closer attention to the tablet market. A week after we announce our subscription drive with an incentive of a NOOK color, the folks at Barnes & Noble go and announce the NOOK Tablet!

Looking at the specifications, the NOOK Tablet compares favorably (if not better) than the Kindle Fire (except in price, the Kindle Fire is $199 as opposed to $249 for the NOOK Tablet).

The good news? That price difference may not affect you AT ALL. Instead of giving away a NOOK Color when we reach 200 new/renewal subscriptions, we will give away the NOOK Tablet.

We’re making great progress to 200. So why not help us reach our goal?

For $14.95 (subscriptions are normally $19.95) you’ll get:

  • Twelve issues of Apex Magazine
  • Two free eBooks (Descended from Darkness Vol 1 AND Descended from Darkness Vol 2, the anthologies that gathered year one and year two of Apex Magazine into print)
  • Entered into a drawing to win one of ten trade paperback copies of DARK FAITH
  • Entered into a drawing to win a NOOK Tablet.

Subscribe via our friends at Weightless and join in the fun. You’ll be supporting another year of professional level genre short fiction in the process!


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