The Week That Was: January 8-15

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Another busy week at Apex Magazine! Catch up on your Sunday reading with our week’s highlights.

Big News!
We have produced a printed edition of Apex Magazine named Apex Magazine: SFFH. Check it out here at Amazon!
Sadly, we will no longer be accepting poetry submissions.
On a happier note, we have reopened to short fiction submissions!
Voting for Apex Magazine Story of the Year closes today. Vote here.
Voting for Apex Magazine Cover Art of the Year closes today. Vote here.
Hugo Award voting has opened. See our list of Hugo eligible fiction here.

Published Online:
The Dark Birds by Ursula Vernon (Novelette)
Soliloquy in a Cheap Diner Off Route 66 by James Beamon (Short Story)
Interview with James Beamon by Andrea Johnson
Disobedient by Barton Paul Levenson (Poetry)

Short story reprint by Toby Buckell
Short story reprint by Ken MacLeod

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