The Publisher Speaks (1): Beginning Anew

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That took awhile.

A few weeks back our web server was eaten alive by some malware. Great swaths of data became infected. Our web host said we had two choices: 1) Nuke and start over or 2) Clean and reinstall.

I choose option one. Mostly because I was tired of dealing with our old web host and wanted a fresh start. I’m often (fairly, I might say) criticized for changing the Apex websites too often. But the site you’re on now… it’s design and scheme… this one is going to stick for a long time. If for no other reason because I simply don’t have the time anymore to tinker (and I love to tinker!). We’re now running on, so having constant downtime will no longer be an issue, a huge plus in my book.

A lot of work is still remaining. We have twenty-three back issues(!) to get posted back on the site. There are interviews to replace. I have a couple of minor features I’d like to add (Drop down to select an issue to view, create a separate page for each issue, fix the ‘posted by’ to list the actual author).

At this point, I want to ask for feedback from our patient and fantastic readers–YOU! What would YOU like to see on our new website that you feel would make the Apex Magazine experience better? Leave a comment below, or shoot me an email ( or use our secure contact form (<a href=”” title=”Contact Form”>Apex Magazine Contact Form</a>).

I look forward to hearing from you!

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