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In Space, Can Anyone Hear Your Philosophy?: A Look at Alien and Philosophy with Editor/Contributor Jeffry Ewing

by on Sep 21, 2017 in Nonfiction | 0 comments

One measure of a good story is how much time you spend thinking about it after it ends. Does it make you wonder what the characters were thinking? What motivated them? Does it make you ponder your own life? The measure of a great fictional universe might be whether more than 20...

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Interview with Cover Artist Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor

by on Sep 15, 2017 in Interviews, Nonfiction | 0 comments

September’s Apex Magazine cover artist is Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor, a freelance illustrator based in Bogotá, Colombia. Her explorations of color, fantasy, and illusion provide a fantastic vision of other worlds and universes. APEX MAGAZINE: Many of your pieces balance chaos with...

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Interview with Author Kameron Hurley

by on Sep 14, 2017 in Interviews, Nonfiction | 0 comments

Kameron Hurley is an author who needs no introduction. If you don’t know her from her groundbreaking Hugo Award winning essay “We Have Always Fought,” then you know her from her unapologetically outspoken The Geek Feminist Revolution (which does include “We Have Always Fought”). Those of...

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Words from the Editor-in-Chief

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Welcome to issue 100 of Apex Magazine! <<record scratch>> Sort of unbelievable, right? The internet is where ideas flame to life, burn brightly, then die. And if you forced my hand to a Bible (aka The Chicago Manual of Style) at this very second, I would tell you that eight...

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Interview with K.T. Bryski author of “The Love it Bears Fair Maidens”

by on Aug 28, 2017 in Blog, Interviews | 0 comments

Originally published on our Patreon page in December of 2016. Jason Sizemore: In “The Love It Bears Fair Maidens” you subvert the mythological purity of unicorns to great effect. Is there any inspiration you can discuss that gives the story such power? KT Bryski: “The Love It Bears Fair...

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