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Useless Things

by on Feb 7, 2012 in Short Fiction | 2 comments

7,300 Words “Señora?” The man standing at my screen door is travel stained. Migrant, up from Mexico. The dogs haven’t heard him come up, but now they erupt in a frenzy of barking to make up for their oversight. I am sitting at the kitchen table, painting a doll, waiting for the timer to...

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Interview with Maureen McHugh

by on Feb 7, 2012 in Interviews | 0 comments

By Maggie Slater Maureen McHugh is a Hugo-winning short story author and award-winning novelist. She has published four novels, of which her novel China Mountain Zhang won the James Tiptree Jr. Award, and her short fiction has appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, The Magazine...

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