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Words for Thought — May 2017

by on Apr 27, 2017 in Blog, Nonfiction | 0 comments

Welcome to another edition of Words for Thought. This time around, the stories are all about new worlds, new modes of existence, and shifting to new ways of thinking after encountering the unknown. The Cold, Lonely Waters by Aimee Ogden in the March issue of Shimmer is a gorgeously...

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Interview with Cover Artist Angelique Shelley

by on Apr 4, 2017 in Interviews | 1 comment

The beautiful and atmospheric cover art for our April issue was created by Angelique Shelley, a concept artist and illustrator currently residing in London. Shelley’s work explores different cultures in unique ways, and her cover piece, “Xeno-Africa,” shows the strong influence of a...

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Cut, Cut, Cut

by on Apr 4, 2017 in Short Fiction | 2 comments

6,200 Words 1. “There’s a marked difference between brain functions, knowledge, and mental potentials,” Martin Hull said to Marilee Frith-DeGeorgio at Mike’s Steaks on 47th Street just east of Grand Central Station. The time was 6:46 p.m. on a clear and bright Tuesday in late May. This...

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Things That Earth No Longer Bears

by on Apr 4, 2017 in Poetry | 0 comments

Existence observed, without passion, the brief time of humans, their toys, flesh, laughter, tears becoming ghosts in the river of Now. Infinity amused at the raw, shared subconscious, noticed in a leap of regret, the sweet brine of star dust in each being, conceived in a shell of flesh,...

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Time to Get Serious About Diversity and Inclusion

by on Apr 4, 2017 in Nonfiction | 0 comments

There’s been a long running conversation in the games industry, along with their audience, on the need for better diversity and inclusion. The problem seems to be getting beyond doing the most basic things to improve the diversity of characters and the level of inclusion in games. This...

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