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Time Missing

by on Nov 25, 2015 in Poetry | 0 comments

I started disappearing when I was five The doctors called them events They were not Nothing is not something The hole in the wall = crickets/space I don’t know the leap to other My people said all the things ‘Looked everywhere’ ‘worried sick’ they held me a little too hard I found out...

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Signal to Noise

by on Nov 24, 2015 in Short Fiction | 0 comments

6100 Words …reckon not those who are killed in Allah’s way as dead; nay, they are alive (and) are provided sustenance from their Lord. Never think that those who have perished in jihad are dead—they are still here. You are simply unaware of them. —Alternate translations of Qu’ran Excerpt...

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When the Gods Come Knocking

by on Nov 19, 2015 in Poetry | 0 comments

First: the tapping on the rain-washed glass as outside, autumn-crushed leaves dissolve into the green. Softened-grey the sky pulsates Divulging silent secrets searchingly sacred rain-tendrils trailing fingerless from the sky —and still the knocking comes. Second: his face against the...

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Interview with Artist James Lincke

by on Nov 18, 2015 in Nonfiction | 0 comments

This month’s Apex Magazine cover artist is James Lincke, an illustrator, designer, and storyteller. Lincke works mostly with traditional media, including pencils, pastels, watercolor, oils, and mixed media objects, with Photoshop as an extra, helpful tool. APEX MAGAZINE: Your...

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The Beacon and the Coward

by on Nov 17, 2015 in Short Fiction | 0 comments

6,400 Words Danville stared at his hands, only a few shades darker than the walnut wood of the desk. Grease and oil were thick under short chewed fingernails. His gaze strayed to the torn CSA battle flag nailed to the wall. It was riddled with holes and stained with gunpowder, smoke, and...

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