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Statistics vs. Story

by on Nov 4, 2014 in Nonfiction | 0 comments

1734 WORDS As an author of historical fiction, there are several debates about what to do and what not to do as an author that I don’t hear as much in regard to other genres. “Realism” has more rigid boundaries for many people, sensitive topics like racism, sexism, religion, and politics...

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Sonnet 29

by on Nov 4, 2014 in Poetry | 0 comments

107 WORDS Ghost or angel, you never leave me. You cinch my waist like the skirt of scales I slipped out of. Breathing becomes labored, like gulps of air a swimmer takes head–turned. Tonight, I decide to stay in the husk of a woman; to peel over bruises. What’s left of me, the inside...

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Brains, Brains, Brains

by on Nov 4, 2014 in Poetry | 4 comments

300 WORDS most times we wait for bone harvest to flesh for first sigh of blood for grunt work’s spin   we guard our knees drag our limbs tilt scarred hands towards amber dusk and rise from the trenches   our unmoored unalivenees moans somewhere inside of us where dark things scratch...

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Interview with Mark Greyland

by on Nov 4, 2014 in Interviews | 4 comments

1063 WORDS APEX MAGAZINE: Mark Greyland is a talented creator who transforms his art into a sensory and visual experience, and Apex Magazine is lucky to feature him as our November cover artist. Hello Mark! We’re thrilled to have your art featuring the cover of our magazine. Can you tell...

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Guided Breathing Exercise: Being Mindful of the Succubus in Your Bedroom

by on Nov 4, 2014 in Short Fiction | 3 comments

Steal the Spotlight Winner (Demons) 222 WORDS Breathe in breathe out. Nothing else works. Not crying, screaming, praying or punching. Not the knife. Not even the gun. Breathe in breathe out. Don’t stop. Don’t let the silent space exist. Make the stillness at the top of the in-breath...

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