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Half Wives

by on Oct 7, 2014 in Poetry | 1 comment

Like Schrödinger’s cat the half wives live in boxes with a loaded gun, neither living nor dead, until their box is opened and the cold and messy laws of probability take effect. That’s why I never open boxes. Sometimes I hear them breathing. More from Chris Lynch: Tell Me the World is a...

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The House in Winter

by on Oct 7, 2014 in Short Fiction | 10 comments

4750 Words There is a presence in completely dark rooms — even rooms in ordinary houses — a sense of certainty that someone else is there. It fills all the space where you are not. It wraps long arms around you and whispers in your ear. It lets you know without a doubt that this house in...

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Interview with Kris Millering

by on Oct 7, 2014 in Interviews | 0 comments

You’ve seen Kris Millering’s fiction in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Lightspeed, Devilfish Review, and The Colored Lens, and this month Apex Magazine is proud to present “Coins for Their Eyes,” a grim but hopeful story about a woman who was recruited into a very strange occupation on the day...

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Coins for Their Eyes

by on Oct 7, 2014 in Short Fiction | 3 comments

4400 Words I opened a door and walked through. § Eyebrows are the hardest part. Lips are comparatively easy and forgiving of a bit of asymmetry. Cheek and body blushing, if it’s subtle, is similar. But eyebrows require me to start with the finest possible lines with the pastels. They...

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Primrose or Return to Il’maril

by on Oct 7, 2014 in Short Fiction | 0 comments

4700 Words A chapter from the unfinished memoir of Virginia Booth, noted xenoanthropologist and novelist, London, Earth (b. 2345–d. 2474).   “I will not leave this cavern,” the voice said as soon as I stepped into the cave mouth. A baritone decaying into vibrato, an old man’s voice, full...

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