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Haven, Kansas (Novel Excerpt)

by on Oct 17, 2017 in Short Fiction | 1 comment

Grab your copy today! 1 A found knife is bad luck; never pick it up. ERIN The tingling burn spread out from the center of Erin’s chest like slow lightning, so paralytic at first that she worried her body would forget how to breathe. But her body was breathing. Was moving. It just wasn’t...

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So Sings the Siren

by on Oct 12, 2017 in Short Fiction | 6 comments

2017 Stoker Award Nominee 1,000 Words You can hold yourself back from the sufferings of the world, that is something you are free to do and it accords with your nature, but perhaps this very holding back is the one suffering you could avoid. ― Franz Kafka   When the woman moved forward...

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My Struggle

by on Oct 10, 2017 in Short Fiction | 0 comments

7,400 Words From beyond the ghetto walls come the peal of church bells; pure and clear, clear and pure the sound fills the night above the ghetto, and Shomer and the children stop and listen to it, spellbound in their captivity. Beyond the walls, ordinary citizens are on their way to...

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Interview with Author Dennis Danvers

by on Oct 5, 2017 in Interviews, Nonfiction | 0 comments

Dennis Danvers’s fiction has appeared in Strange Horizons, Intergalactic Medicine Show, Space and Time, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, F & SF, Realms of Fantasy, Electric Velocipede, Lightspeed,; and in anthologies Tails of Wonder, Richmond Noir, The Best of Electric...

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Words from the Editor-in-Chief

by on Oct 3, 2017 in Nonfiction | 0 comments

October is here and we have some chilling fiction to share with you this month. But first, some big news! Apex Magazine will be available as a physical publication beginning with issue 104 (January, 2018). The full announcement can be read here, but the tl;dr version is that via Patreon...

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