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Clavis Aurea #19: Neal Stephenson, Ken Liu, Annalee Newitz

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Is there anywhere else in the literary world where a 10,000-word presentation on technology will be happily embraced as leisure reading? Are there heartwarming stories in Reader’s Digest that are really just treatises on Moebius knitting, or crime novels that are little more than...

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Interview with Annalee Newitz author of “Twilight of the Eco Terrorist”

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Read “Twilight of the Eco Terrorist” by Annalee Newitz The first image in “Twilight of the Eco Terrorist” is haunting.  “I bent down to kiss his lips but they weren’t there. The air was in confusion; my body sank into his as if he had become honey, and then steam.” This sets the...

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Twilight of the Eco-Terrorist

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by Annalee Newitz The first time I vaporized a car, it was because I was in love. I was seventeen, and Lawrence had eyes like chips of black glass. We’d parked behind the donut shop, between two trash bins that blocked my car’s windows. I was on top of him when it happened,...

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