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Interview with A. Merc Rustad

by on Aug 3, 2016 in Nonfiction | 0 comments

We’re just past the halfway point of 2016, and A. Merc Rustad is on track to have more pieces of short fiction published this year than there are months in the calendar. That isn’t bragging, it’s proof this is fiction people have an itch to read. Merc’s fiction is personal, raw,...

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The Gentleman of Chaos

by on Aug 2, 2016 in Short Fiction | 5 comments

4,100 Words People call him the Gentleman of Chaos, but he is not gentle. By popular count, he’s assassinated thirteen kings, seventy-two princes, one thousand nobles, and five queens. By popular legend, he’s immortal, a god of commoners, a death-demon summoned to feed on corruption, a...

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In the Day After the World Stopped Being

by on Aug 4, 2015 in Poetry | 1 comment

Bleached sky drapes over charred branches— her bare feet cut imprints in the ash layers. Echoes double back on each other until there’s only silence. She sorts through debris— chains of coal, frail blackened bones, slivers of teeth— always on the hunt for the lost pieces, the path. She’s...

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