Subscriptions Options and Patreon Rewards Update — Important!

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Starting today, we are making a few changes to our subscription and Patreon reward tiers.

Change #1 — A Print Edition

Beginning with issue 104, a print edition of Apex Magazine will be offered! The only recurring “subscription” option for the print edition will be via our Patreon page starting at the $10 reward level.

There are also reward levels to cover our international readers and a couple other levels that include other goodies with your print edition.

Change #2 — Traditional Digital Subscriptions

Traditional digital subscriptions are exclusively available only from Weightless Books. They will no longer be sold through the Apex Book Company store. Subscribers on the Apex Book Company list will still receive their issues from Apex, but when the subscription runs out, we will encourage you to renew via Weightless, Amazon, or back us on Patreon. Lifetime subscribers will continue to receive their issues from Apex.

Subscriptions through the Amazon Kindle periodical service are still available and unchanged.

Patreon backers at the $2.99 level will still receive their issue each month like usual.

Change #3 — Discord chat

Each Patreon reward level now includes an invitation to our backer-exclusive Apex Magazine chat channel on Discord. I will always be available. The plan is to have group chats with future contributors to discuss stories!

Any questions? I’m happy to answer. Leave a comment or send me an email to

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