Some Cool Changes Ahead

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Apex Magazine Issue 57We’re excited to announce that Apex will be bringing some nice enhancements to the magazine content and providing additional perks to being a subscriber!

Excellent Change One: Effective issue 58 (March 2014) we will run three original stories per month (currently we run two).

All three original stories will be accessible for free on our website. Naturally, they will also appear in the eBooks and subscriber editions.

At times in the past we’ve ran three or more stories in an issue. Those were special exceptions, not the rule.

Excellent Change Two: Effective issue 58 (March 2014) our monthly reprint will appear only in subscriber editions of the issue and the eBook edition (for single copy purchase).

Excellent Change Three: Effective issue 58 (March 2014) we will be bringing our subscribers and eBook only content in the form of additional stories from our Apex catalog or extended excerpts of books from the world at large (not just from our Apex stable).

Poetry, nonfiction, and our featured interviews will continue to appear in both web and digital book formats.

We’re pleased to be bringing subscriber exclusive content to our financial backers. If it’s a hit, we’ll see if we can add more! We’re also pleased to be bringing more original fiction to everybody.

Thank you for your continued support!

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