Rhysling Awards Eligibility

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We made it to 2017!  Everyone died and the world is going to end, but most importantly, it’s award nomination time!  The Rhysling Awards for speculative fiction poetry is taking nominations from SFPA members until Sunday, January 15th.  We know you love us, but we would appreciate if you spread the good word by helping us edge some of our many incredible poems toward an award!

Below is a list of all of our original poetry from 2016!  All of them are wonderful, but certainly one or two stand out as particularly incredible.

Please vote here!

RX-200 Series: It’s Everything You Need by Samson Stormcrow Hayes
The Upside of the Cataclysmic Meteorite Event by Zebulon Huset
The Doctor’s Assistant by Anton Rose
In the Far Future, Billy Experiences the Most Powerful Drug Known to Man by Greg Leunig
Automaton by Bianca Springs
Maxwell’s Demon by Annie Neugebauer
Various Kinds of Wolves by J.J. Hunter
Calabash by Mike Jewett
Little and Red by Crystal Lynn Hilbert
Arrhythmia by Heather Morris
Paper Unicorn by Laurel Dixon
Naked by Annie Neugebauer
Allegory of the Woman from Earth by Rodney Gomez
BlackRiver by Caleb J. Oakes
Chimney Witch by Matthew Chamberlin
The Sword Excalibur by David Barber
Fertility by Craig Finlay
The Farmer’s Milk by John Yu Brascum
Myth of the Mud God by Michael VanCalbergh
Song of the Encantado by Jeremy Paden
Jubilee by F.J. Bergmann
Before the Galactic Empire Goes Inter-Galactic by Ken Poyner
Mammon’s Cave by Janna Layton
The Perfect Planet by Christina Sng
Later, they found her journal by Tina Parker
Ghost Plague by Tina Jens
By Payette Lake by Cullen Groves
Canals of Mars by David Jibson
La Llorona by Rodney Gomez
Earth, Hearing Her Children Cry Out Sharp Like Broken Pottery, Shrinks by Jon Olsen
Knights of the Smooth Hull by Chris Phillips
Not Like This by Mary Soon Lee
Perplexities by Peter Venable
This Earth by Frank Tota
The Labyrinth Keeper by Anton Rose
The Amenities of Heaven by Marchell Dyon
Wingless by Zachary Riddle
The Mouth of the Cave by Brandon Marlon
The Storm Creatures by Christina Sng
American Dreams by Allie Nelson
Winged Beings of the Necropolis by Gary Every
Stardfields by Andrew Gilstrap
Love’s Idea Envisioned by a Satyr by Tiffany Midge
The Annual Scarecrow Festival by John Paul Davies
How to Know If Your House is Haunted and What to Do by M. Brett Gaffney
The Familiar by Donna Ison

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