Revive the Drive Update

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Right now, the thermometer sits at $4658. We’re only $342 away from unlocking an original story by Delilah S. Dawson. Just beyond that at the $5500 tier a second podcast story for the January 2018 issue is unlocked. Both of these are great items!
Lots of great stuff rewards remain in the store. Including:
* Critique by Alex Livingston (author of GLITCH RAIN)
* Tuckerization by Richard William Larson
* Signed anthologies by Ellen Datlow
* Flash fiction critique by Anna Yeatts
* Original signed manuscripts by Brian Keene
* Handwritten original poem by Brandy Leah Schwan
* Anthology THE WEIRD signed by Ann VanderMeer & Jeff VanderMeer
* Alethea Kontis HAVEN bundle
* NOS4A2 hardcover signed by Joe Hill
* Crocheted pussy ears by Janet Harriett
* Knitted baby blanket by Lesley Conner
* “The Fire” art print signed by Sunny Ray (issue 86)
* THE LOST LEVEL signed by Brian Keene
* Original art by Justin Stewart
Oh, right, we also have APEX MAGAZINE subscriptions. $17 for a year. $10 for 6 months. 🙂
The drive ends on April 17th. This is the last push. The make or break. At $7500 we unlock an original story by Cherie Priest. At $10,000 we unlock an original story by Jacqueline Carey. Let’s make this happen!

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