Resolute: Notes from the Editor-in-Chief

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We’re all connected.

The more we find out about human history, the more we realize we have always, always been connected to one another. Communities bound by trade and blood, scattered across the skin of a world that really doesn’t care if we live or die.

We are nothing like the most important species on the planet, if such a thing can even be said to exist.

But we are everything, everything, to each other.

I’m writing this the day after the Hugo Awards for 2014 were announced. The awards were swept by women, queers, and people of color. The traditionally ignored and dismissed took nearly all the honors last night. We have always been a part of the SF/F genre world, and in the last few years that world has managed to stop marginalizing us.

I like to think that Apex Magazine has perhaps played some small part in that.

I like to think that we will continue to do so.

We are all connected.

Sigrid Ellis

Sigrid Ellis

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