Poe Twist: The Tell-Tale Heart, by Edgar Allen Poe

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We were too old to play
hide & seek,
so we added a handicap
and did it in the dark.
The game turned grim
as you counted out loud—
I trod softly
like the newly blind,
groping around
for nooks to disappear in.
Your bodiless voice
could have been anyone’s—
lover, intruder or specter.
I crouched first under the sink
then the coffee table,
clung onto the beams
of the mezzanine
and hung there, willing
my heartbeat to stop
as I waited for a hand
to descend.
You moved in blackness,
your senses open
to the unperceived shadow,
your eyes closed to better feel
my body throbbing within the room,
your spread–out hands, like a madman’s,
stealthily crept toward my throat.

Armel Dagorn is now back in his native France after living in Ireland for seven years. His writing has appeared in magazines such as Lamplight, Birkensnake, The Stinging Fly, and Popshot. He has a little place at armeldagorn.wordpress.com.

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