Words for Thought — October 2017

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“October Country…that country where it is always turning late in the year […] That country whose people are autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts.” — Ray Bradbury, The October Country October is a fundamentally lonely month. Appropriately enough for the season, this month’s reviews focus on stories of loneliness and isolation, but stories that offer hope as well. “The Whalebone Parrot” by Darcie Little Badger in October’s issue of The Dark opens with Emily traveling to an island to help care for her pregnant sister, Loretta. Loretta’s husband, Albert, is an Englishman who married Loretta in spite of his...

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Words for Thought — September 2017

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Welcome to another edition of Words for Thought. This month is full of uneasy and haunting tales about hidden things being revealed that stick with you long after you finish reading them. The Lamentation of Their Women by Kai Ashante Wilson published at Tor.com is a violent yet lyrically-written story. Nisha’s aunt, rumored to be a witch, is dead, and Nisha has a few hours to gather anything she wants from the apartment before it’s repossessed. She calls on her on-again, off-again, cheating boyfriend, Anhell, to go with her. They discover a body folded away in a chest under the coffee table with a machete and a shotgun. That’s when the devil changes...

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Words for Thoughts — August 2017

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Welcome to August’s Words for Thought. This month’s stories are all about assumptions, perceptions, and characters who are more than they seem beneath the surface of their skin. The Ache of Home by Maurice Broaddus from the July/August issue of Uncanny introduces us to Celeste as she’s trying to avoid street harassment on her way home. She stops in at the local food pantry — an organization set up by people from outside the neighborhood — to check it out. Her suspicions about the place are immediately confirmed as a condescending white woman follows Celeste around making assumptions about her and the community. By the time she gets home,...

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Words for Thought—July 2017

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Welcome to July’s Words for Thought! It’s the end of June as I write this, and the air outside feels like soup. Everything is sticky and sweaty and maybe that’s why I found myself drawn to stories of isolation, people cut off from society and humanity. Even if the characters in these stories are looking for moments of connection, when the weather is this hot, I don’t want anyone near me. Give me air conditioning, and give me space! Water Like Air by Lora Gray from the June issue of Flash Fiction Online is a beautiful story about a water spirit who, by her nature, lures men to their deaths. As the piece opens, she sculpts mud onto her glass-like...

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Words for Thought — June 2017

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Welcome to another installment of Words for Thought. This month’s stories are all about families by choice, and families by blood – losing them, finding them, and trying to understand them. Cooking with Closed Mouths by Kerry Truong (http://www.glittership.com/2017/03/22/episode-35-cooking-with-closed-mouths-by-kerry-truong/), published at Glittership in late March, is a story about chosen family. Ha Neul is a gumiho, a nine-tailed fox, living in America after leaving Korea years ago. They share an apartment with Hana, also a gumiho, who is perpetually stuck looking like a teenager. They are siblings by choice, taking care of each other. Ha Neul works at a...

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