Operation Fourth Story: Word Limit Increase

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Apex Magazine Issue 58There’s been a lot of chatter behind the scenes of how to use the extra 4000 to 5000 words of original fiction we’ll be able to add if we reach our goal of 250 new subscribers through Operation Fourth Story. Sure, it would allow us to add an additional story to each issue of the magazine, but that isn’t the only possibility.

Currently the Apex Magazine submission guidelines state that we have a firm 5000 word limit. Perfect length for some real short story gems and it works beautifully with the current word limit for each issue of the magazine. Unfortunately, not all stories fit comfortably within those restrictions. Some authors write amazing novelettes that we aren’t seeing because they don’t fit our current guidelines.

We want to be seeing those longer stories. Even more than that, we want to be publishing them. Finding diamonds among the slush and bringing them to our readers.

With that in mind, we’ve decided that if we reach our goal of 250 new subscriptions during Operation Fourth Story, then we’ll increase our word limit from 5000 words to 17,500 words. This gives our editors more flexibility when selecting stories, writers the freedom to delve deeper into their fantastical worlds, and readers the chance to discover characters and ideas that scoff at 5000 words.

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