Issue 9

A few months back, an email with one of those obviously bot-generated names landed in my email box with the subject line ISSUE 9: PLEASE OPEN. The emailed contained the text of the editorial for the never-released issue 9. It is reproduced unchanged and in whole, in accordance to his family’s wishes.

Issue 9 isn’t a topic I like to discuss. The magazine wasn’t even a year old when I was approached by a colleague to guest edit. He wasn’t too well known (heh, neither was I), but a couple of his anthologies had been well-received. I decided to give him a chance.

My last communication with him was prior to his trip to Dark Rivers. Then he dropped off the face of the Earth. Gone. Our deadline passed, and I had no content for issue 9. At the time, I was angry for being screwed over. The day the issue was supposed to release, the man’s wife emailed asking if I had heard from him.

She and I stayed in touch intermittently for a few years until … I suppose, she finally gave up that he would ever return. I had. I figured he had ghosted on me, and worse, his wife and kids.

Then the issue 9 email.

His wife didn’t answer my calls about the email. His daughter did, and she explained that her mom wasn’t well, that I could (and should) publish the editorial, but without a byline. Neither she nor her mom want the media attention. I respect that, and so should you.

I hope this helps give closure to her family.


—Jason Sizemore

Lexington, KY 2018


Read issue 9. Thank you.