Issue 55 — December 2013


ApexMag12Apex Magazine is a monthly science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazine featuring original, mind-bending short fiction from many of the top pros of the field. New issues are released the first Tuesday of every month.

The last issue produced by editor-in-chief Lynne M. Thomas.

What You’ve Been Missing” by Maria Dahvana Headley
Haruspicy and Other Amatory Divinations” by Kat Howard
Before and After” by Ken Liu
Our Daughters” by Sandra McDonald
All That Fairy Tale Crap” by Rachel Swirsky

Blood on Vellum: Notes from the Editor-in-Chief” by Lynne M. Thomas
Another World Waits: Towards an Anti-Oppressive SFF” by Daniel José Older
Apex Interview with Maria Dahvana Headley” by Maggie Slater
Words from the Publisher” by Jason Sizemore

Turning the Leaves” by Amal El-Mohtar

Podcast Fiction
Download Podcast #6 (“What You’ve Been Missing” by Maria Dahvana Headley) or listen using the player below. (19:38 in length)

A 2013 Hugo Award nominee for Best Semiprozine!

Cover art by Katy Shuttleworth.

About the Artist
Katy Shuttleworth spends most of her days bringing cute talking cartoon animals to life as an animator/storyboarder, though you might know her better for her cover art series for the Geek Girl Chronicles. A Southern Californian girl at heart, she currently resides at the opposite end of the country in Boston.