Issue 113—October 2018

Apex Magazine is a monthly science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazine featuring original, mind-bending short fiction from many of the top pros of the field. New issues are released the first Tuesday of every month.


Words from the Editor-in-Chief by Jason Sizemore

With Lips Sewn Shut by Kristi DeMeester
Bargains by the Slant-Light by Cassandra Khaw
The Standard of Ur by Hassan Abdulrazzak
For Sale: Fantasy Coffins by Chesya Burke

Someone Else’s Sandbox by Tim Waggoner

Page Advice with Mallory O’Meara and Brea Grant
Between the Lines with Laura Zats and Erik Hane
Words for Thought by A.C. Wise

Interview with Author Cassandra Khaw by Andrea Johnson
Interview with Cover Artist Vinz El Tabanas by Russell Dickerson

Podcast Fiction

Narrated by Veronica Giguere.

About the Artist

Vinz El Tabanas discovered comic books through manga and US comic books, before getting in the world of graffiti, tattoos, and all other graphical arts. His first publication is Le Miroir des templiers, both issues have been published at Tartamudo Editions, after which he switched to The French Crow volume 4 and 5 at Réflexions. After this, he started a complete story of The Creeps for a US editor. He has also worked on various projects for Urban Rivals, the Alien franchise, Legendary Encounters, Existenz X610z trading card game, Arcana comics, Hammer light FX, FDJ, Wireless Generation, Collision studio, Canal +, Millimages, Golden moustache for Microsoft X-box one … and many other projects for American editors, among which covers for Zenescope’s Wonderland and Lady Death.

After three years at Ludia Inc. where he worked on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends and D&D Warriors of Waterdeep, he’s currently at work as a concept artist for behaviour on Dead By Daylight.

Apex Magazine Issue 114 Preview

Next month we have original fiction by Storm Humbert and Sabrina Vourvoulias. Our reprint is by Gary Kloster. The cover art is by Godwin Akpan. We have an essay by Paul Jessup about the infamous Slenderman crimes. And finally, thanks to our amazing Patreon backers, we have an original novelette by Gary A. Braunbeck.