Issue 111—August 2018

Apex Magazine is a monthly science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazine featuring original, mind-bending short fiction from many of the top pros of the field. New issues are released the first Tuesday of every month.


Under Ancient Stars, New Dreams Are Born by Sheree Renée Thomas

For Southern Girls When the Zodiac Ain’t Near Enough by Eden Royce
Prism by Stefanie Elrick
La Ciguapa, For the Reeds, For Herself by J.M. Guzman
Gasping by Brandon O’Brien
Jewel of the Vashwa by Jordan Kurella
The Barnum Effect by Celia Neri

How to Paint Mercury by Mary Soon Lee
Capricorn by Tara Betts
How to Fly by Neptune by Mary Soon Lee
Celestial Mary (Galilean Daughter) by Sherese Francis
How to Speak to Pluto by Mary Soon Lee
A Theorized Form of Matter by Ashely Adams

Interview with Author Eden Royce by Andrea Johnson
“There’s No Racism Here?” A Black Woman in the Dominican Republic by Kiini Ibura Salaam
Interview with Cover Artist Stacey Robinson by Russell Dickerson


Page Advice with Mallory O’Meara and Brea Grant
Between the Lines with Laura Zats and Erik Hane of the Print Run Podcast
Words for Thought with A.C. Wise

Podcast Fiction

Narrated by Blythe Haynes.

About the Artist

Stacey Robinson is an Assistant Professor teaching graphic design and illustration at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and is an Arthur Schomburg fellow who completed his Masters of Fine Art at the University at Buffalo. His work discusses ideas of “Black Utopias” as spaces of conflict resolution away from colonial influence by considering Black affluent self-sustaining communities, Black protest movements and the art movements that document(ed) them.

As part of the collaborative team Black Kirby with artist John Jennings, he creates graphic novels, gallery exhibitions, and lectures that deconstruct the work of artist Jack Kirby to re-imagine Black resistance spaces inspired by Hip Hop, religion, the arts, and sciences. With MotherBoxx Studios, (a design team facilitated by Black Kirby), the duo collaborates with an amalgam of artists and writers to facilitate graphic novels, comic conventions, and curated exhibitions.

His recent exhibition ‘Binary ConScience’ explores ideas of W.E. B. Du Bois’s “double consciousness” as a Black cultural adaptation and a means of colonial survival. Recent works appear in books: ‘Kid Code: Channel Zero’ from Rosarium Publishing, ‘Prison Industrial Complex For Beginners,’ from For Beginners Books, and ‘I Am Alfonso Jones,’ from Tu Books.

Stacey Robinson is an ARIES.

Apex Magazine Issue 112 Preview

Next month Apex Magazine brings you original short fiction from Naomi Kritzer, Ani Fox, and Susannah Mandel. Our Patreon patrons have backed and paid for another original novelette—this time from the wonderful Stina Lecht. LaShawn M. Wanak brings us our nonfiction piece with “The Power of Anger, Acceptance, and Affirmation in Dirty Computer.” Editor Cristina Jurado gives us our first look at the fifth volume of The Apex Book of World SF. Our cover artist is Joel Chaim Holtzman. And our reprint is “Talking to Cancer” by Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali.