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Editor’s note: In my rush to take down the “Intersectional SFF Round Table” and to immediately assure our readers that they were being heard, I shared a hastily-written non-apology that was defensive when I didn’t meant it to be, and shut down the very conversation I wanted to have. I am sorry for that. My revised explanation of the decision to remove the round table is below. – Jason Sizemore

Dear Readers,

On Friday, we posted an “Intersectional SFF Round Table” in support of the Problem Daughters campaign and anthology. Though the post was put together by the Problem Daughters staff without input from us, we made the editorial decision to share the post exactly as it was delivered, without considering the implications of who was (and who wasn’t) included in that discussion. Almost immediately, we were made aware of multiple issues with that post, and removed it.

It was our hope that the original post would help bring awareness to the Problem Daughters project, and spark a discussion about intersectional SFF with our readers. Frankly, by virtue of their lived experiences, the authors and editors working on that anthology have a greater wisdom on what is and is not intersectionality than I will ever possess, and I appreciated their contribution.

However, that doesn’t absolve our editorial team of the responsibility of vetting the content that appears on Apex Magazine, and no conversation like this should be presented as a complete picture of intersectionality or even SFF in general. Going forward, we will make a greater effort to listen to the voices of our community, to learn, and include.

Problem Daughters is a crowd-sourced anthology whose intent is to amplify the voices of women who are sometimes excluded from mainstream feminism, edited by Nicolette Barischoff, Rivqa Rafael and Djibril al-Ayad, for Publishing. We still support their efforts, and hope you’ll all check out the project for yourselves.

And, I especially want to thank Likhain for contacting me to personally express her concerns, as well as the other authors and readers who shared their thoughts online. (I stumbled in my initial reply, but that’s about me and not them.) I understand that the work of educating people about these issues is exactly that, work, and I promise that effort wasn’t spent in vain.


Jason Sizemore, Editor



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