How Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale Has Glorified High-Stakes Gaming

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Casino Royale is a novel written by English author Ian Fleming. In 2006 the novel was turned into an award-winning film starring Daniel Craig as James Bond. The film actually sees the secret agent embark on this first mission as an elite, discreet Double-O as he attempts to bring down terrorist banker Le Chiffre. It’s a film that sees a poker game integral to the plot so does this in any way glorify high stakes gaming and gambling?

The plot essentially focuses on Bond heading to Montenegro where Le Chiffre is taking part in an important game of poker. Le Chiffre, played by Mads Mikkelsen, must win if he is to remain safe in the terrorist industry, losing is out of the question. He is looking to recoup clients’ money that he had lost, and he needed to do so or he would be at serious risk. Bond has to stop Le Chiffre from winning at all costs and goes head to head with Le Chiffre. So it is a high stakes poker game in more than one sense of the word as it’s high stakes on the table but also in the form of life threatening consequences!

Bond is seen as a highly skilled gambler in terms of card games from the minute go in Ian Fleming’s novels, not just in Casino Royale. With the series being hugely popular, fans have always seen the secret agent win big every time even when the odds were stacked against him massively.

This is going to be hugely attractive for a lot of people as it does make gambling, and especially winning, look very cool and trendy. There is no doubt this is indeed the case, with land based casinos like the Empire Casino in London or online casinos like Unibet; reporting increased activity coinciding with the launch of Casino Royale.

With Casino Royale being a huge box office hit, taking over £13 million in the opening weekend in the UK, it has been watched by millions of people around the world. The film does centre on the high stakes game of poker between Bond and Le Chiffre, with the gripping game taking place in a private parlour in the casino. With huge amounts of money at stake and mistakes being made, sometimes purposely and sometimes not, you can see why people could see poker as an attractive game to play.

As previously stated though, Bond’s card playing ability was known to everyone from the very first Ian Fleming novel, Dr No. The secret agent was introduced as being a very highly skilled Chemin-de-fer player, which is said to be the original version of the card game baccarat. So you could say that Bond the character makes high-stakes gambling and gaming seem more attractive than the actual novels and films.

It certainly seems to be part of the secret agent’s makeup. Being able to win big when it virtually seemed impossible. Most people who do play casino games or slots are aiming to win big and when they see their favourite secret agent doing so, it will only strengthen their resolve that they can repeat his amazing feats you would imagine.

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