Editorial Dispositions: March 2010

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One of the great aspects of being a publisher is that you get to watch talented newcomers become masters of the craft. Apex has been fortunate enough to ride the rising crests of a number of authors as they have went from fairly obscure to well-respected and more widely appreciated. I like to believe that Apex Magazine (and Apex Digest), in some small way, gave an assist.

Mary Robinette Kowal’s past three years has been quite impressive. She won the 2008 Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Her short story “Evil Robot Monkey” earned a Hugo Award nomination in 2009. She’s an award-winning puppeteer. She’s a talented voice-actress currently working for Brilliance Audio. Mary is the current Secretary for the SFWA. Her first collection, Scenting the Dark, was published by the highly-regarded specialty house, Subterranean Press. Her first novel-length work, Shades of Milk and Honey, is set to be released this August by Tor Books.

I first met Mary at Chattacon in January, 2006. Her being a writer, me being an editor/publisher, we naturally talked about writing. I was impressed by her intelligence. I asked her if she’d ever sent anything to Apex Digest. I *believe* the answer was ‘one time, but it was rejected.’ I asked her to try again, I wanted to see something else from her. Mary laughed me away, dismissing her abilities.

A few months later, she submitted a fantastic story (“Cerbo en Vitro ujo”) that we published in Apex Digest.

And the rest is history…

Jason Sizemore

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