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Breaking news!  Apex Magazine and Redshift Audio Productions will be partnering this year to create audio dramas of some of our fiction!

Redshift Audio Productions, if you are not familiar with their work, has been around as a podcast for 8 years.  With a cast ranging from professional to amateur voice actors and an eye to the relationship between science fiction and radio that has been growing for the better part of a century, this promises to be a great step forward.

In the next month or two, select stories will be dramatized by Redshift’s voice cast.  The dramas will average around 25 minutes for approximately 30 pages of story.   These stories, like our podcast productions, will be free to tune in to.

Here are what our editor and Redshift’s host have to say about the upcoming season featuring Apex stories:

I am so proud of the forward momentum Apex has gained over these first two months of the new year.  Working with Redshift is an exciting opportunity for us to pursue a whole new aspect of the literary world.

— Jason Sizemore, Editor-in-Chief

I’ve been podcasting for 8 years. As a network, we’ve released over 1500 episodes, and I’ve been a part of easily 1000 or more of those. This is the most fun project we’ve ever done, and I’m crazy proud of the entire cast and so excited to see what I make them do for the rest of the season.

— Evan Pederson, host of Redshift Audio Productions

With all of the awards and nominations Apex has received for 2015, the great slew of new publications coming out, and this shiny new partnership, we can hardly wait to see what is still to come in the 8 months left of 2016!

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