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Fallen among the stars The light comes and I Raise myself to it in welcome A supplicant My voice no longer my own.   I hear the howls of the Things-That-Are Their maws snap and lunge Vicious in anticipation Looming near.   He steps forward, weapon drawn I hold out my hand to him To them...

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If a muscle is located, not in the wing, but in the rachis, or if eyeballs are attached directly to eyelashes and the pelt is just a tuft of muscle tissues, or if the intestine of a child falls short of muscles at the expense of a muscle bound layette and slippers, which stretch their...

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The Galatea

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You invented me, my maker— built me out of clockworks and gears, the Eve of my kind, the first metal foot on the Earth. A marvel, a myth come to life. I reread your manuals, your notes, graph paper brittle between bronze fingertips. They make sense to me; their logic sings through my...

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I’ve almost lapped the light, nearly rounded the corner from one day to the next. Edges are always difficult: lines between here, there; then, now; together, alone. In the empty gap, whiteout fog forms. It doesn’t creep. It doesn’t bother me to be far out of touch. Devices meant...

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Yes. I ran away. I didn’t bring her in. I’m sorry, General. But before you have them run me through, Just let me explain. I’m not a real good talker. Not like your silver-tongued senators, Or some Greek philosopher. I’m just a Centurion. An old soldier. But I had...

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On the Edge of Stone-Mountain

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pyrus communis If cultivated to sweeten their tongue, they grow us staked or caged, hairless twigs and leaves, starred and starved core, lengthening and ripening fruit proof we would become whatever they required. If our skin split with abscess, dripped juice or grit, they pinched, pain...

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