Interview with K.T. Bryski author of “The Love it Bears Fair Maidens”

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Originally published on our Patreon page in December of 2016. Jason Sizemore: In “The Love It Bears Fair Maidens” you subvert the mythological purity of unicorns to great effect. Is there any inspiration you can discuss that gives the story such power? KT Bryski: “The Love It Bears Fair...

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Interview with Cover Artist Dana Tiger

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This month’s Apex Magazine cover artist is Dana Tiger, a member of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and known for her watercolor, gouache, and acrylic paintings. Her work has been featured in galleries, universities, and Oklahoma state buildings, and the smooth lines of her piece “The Fire”...

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Interview with Author Allison Mills

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Ghost stories aren’t always scary. Yes, a ghost story can make for a compelling and unforgettable horror story, but if you were to make a Venn diagram of the overlap of “ghost story” and “horror story,” I think you’d find the overlap to be smaller than you expected (If you’re interested...

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Interview with Cover Artist Quentin Castel

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This month we welcome cover artist Quentin Castel to the fold. Castel’s imaginative talents range from mystical landscapes to fascinating characters and creatures within horror and dark fantasy settings. With interests in working for video game companies and creating original sci-fi...

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Interview with Cover Artist Marcela Bolívar

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Apex Magazine welcomes back cover artist Marcela Bolívar, whose beautiful art was last seen on our August 2016 issue. With a unique style and gorgeous techniques, Bolívar’s work enchants viewers with deeper questions about fantasy and darkness. APEX MAGAZINE: Your cover art piece,...

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Quantum Night: An Interview with Author Robert J. Sawyer

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Robert Sawyer’s newest novel Quantum Night is an intense page turner in which a quantum physicist and an experimental psychologist team up to do the impossible. Mr. Sawyer recently spoke by phone with Andrea Johnson about the genesis of this exciting new novel. ANDREA JOHNSON: I was...

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