Apex Magazine and Patreon Fiction

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tl;dr We will pay reprint rates for Patreon fiction. Apex Magazine has been receiving queries regarding whether we will accept fiction originally published via Patreon to an author’s backers. I feel it is time to make a statement of policy about this new category of published work....

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Film producer Mallory O’Meara and actress Brea Grant to write a reading advice column for Apex Magazine

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LEXINGTON, KY, August 29 — Apex Magazine, an award-winning online zine of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, announced today the addition of Mallory O’Meara and Brea Grant as freelance contributing editors. They will be creating a new monthly column titled “Page Advice with Mallory...

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Interview with K.T. Bryski author of “The Love it Bears Fair Maidens”

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Originally published on our Patreon page in December of 2016. Jason Sizemore: In “The Love It Bears Fair Maidens” you subvert the mythological purity of unicorns to great effect. Is there any inspiration you can discuss that gives the story such power? KT Bryski: “The Love It Bears Fair...

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“The Tomato Thief” by Ursula Vernon wins the 2017 Hugo Award for Best Novelette

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The headline says it all. The results were just announced at Worldcon 75 in Helsinki. All hail Ursula Vernon and her amazing novelette “The Tomato Thief,” winner of the 2017 Hugo Award for Best Novelette! You can read Ursula’s fantastic story here:...

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5 Science Fiction Shows You Need to Be Watching

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We’re in the golden age of television, and it’s no more evident than in the field of science fiction. Whether exploring space and time or delving into the human psyche, there’s a lot to watch. We’re no longer confined to Doctor Who (as wonderfully brilliant as it is) and Star Trek...

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Apex Magazine hires Cristina Jurado as international fiction editor.

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As part of our ongoing effort to bring you interesting, diverse fiction, we are pleased to announce that Cristina Jurado will become our international fiction editor starting with our Janaury, 2018 issue! Per quarter, Cristina will select an original work of fiction that has not been...

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