Award-eligible Fiction: 2018

by on Nov 16, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

It’s award season again, and time for another post highlighting our award-eligible fiction. Depending on which award you might be reading for, you’ll have more interests in some stories than others. I’ve put a very high-level genre label on each work, so if you’re a Stoker Award reader...

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issue 9

by on Oct 30, 2018 in Blog | 1 comment

What scares you? No, I mean, what really truly scares you? What sends you under the covers and darting to turn on all the lights you can find? What refuses to let you sleep in the deep dark of the night, even now, even as an adult? Be honest with yourself, no lies here, we’re all friends...

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Hey, where are my issue 112 print copies?

by on Oct 2, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

For our print subscribers…Where is issue 112? The problem is on the Apex side. We had been using Createspace, but Amazon has moved everyone to KDP. KDP has been very slow–probably due to volume. I’ve had our copies of issue 112 on order for two weeks and am only now...

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Closing to Submissions

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October is here and with that comes a time of reflection and looking towards the new year. Looking at the Apex Magazine submissions, I am incredibly proud of the work our slush team has done this year. We have accepted some truly amazing stories, and we wouldn’t have found them...

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Join the Apex Magazine slush team!

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Have you ever thought you’d like to be part of the Apex Magazine team? Do you enjoy reading short fiction? Become an Apex Magazine slush reader! *** Okay, enough with the weird commercial-style, pitch session. Here’s the thing, Apex Magazine is in need of a few dedicated readers to help...

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Rebecca Roanhorse picks up a Sturgeon Award nomination

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Apex Magazine congratulates Rebecca Roanhorse who has earned a Sturgeon Award nomination for her story “Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience(TM)” from issue 99! This is the fourth major award nomination for Rebecca’s story (along with the Hugo, Nebula, and...

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