Between the Lines with the Print Run Podcast

Every month in “Between the Lines with the Print Run Podcast,” industry professionals Laura Zats and Erik Hane will address issues and trends surrounding the book and writing businesses that are too often glossed over by conventional wisdom, institution optimism, and false seriousness.

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Column #10

What it means to be an author and the public visibility that comes with it.

Column #9


Column #8

How to judge a book for an award.

Column #7

I do it for the art, not the money.

Column #6

The rise of audiobooks.

Column #5

What does it mean to ‘make it’ in publishing?

Column #4

What happens when truth is stranger than fiction?

Column #3

Book marketing strategies in 2018

Column #2

The shutdown of Pronoun, the Macmillian self-publishing service.

Column #1

Innovations of fiction that affected society.


Laura Zats is a literary agent in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she specializes in children’s fiction, science fiction and fantasy, and romance. She is also the editorial manager for a Minneapolis-based partner publisher and frequent workshop teacher.

Erik Hane is a literary agent, freelance editor, and writer based in Minneapolis. Before moving to the Midwest, he served as an acquisitions editor at The Overlook Press and an assistant editor at Oxford University Press.

Erik Hane & Laura Zats