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Never Chose This Way

by on Jul 7, 2015 in Short Fiction | 4 comments

1600 Words Once upon a time, I thought I was a girl. Once upon a time, I lived in a castle. Well, it wasn’t really a castle. It was a fortress of sorts, though, and it had something like a moat and something like dragons, or that’s the story we told each other at night, whispered from...

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Becca at the End of the World

by on Oct 1, 2013 in Short Fiction | 3 comments

I nestle the video camera on its makeshift tripod, carefully centering my daughter’s image. She tucks her hair behind her ear and gives a strained smile. She is sixteen, and that hair is long and golden–kissed light brown and straight; she has the gangly grace only teenagers have, that...

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The Busker, Broke and Busted

by on May 7, 2013 in Poetry | 0 comments

By Shira Lipkin I am — I am — Oh, just ignore it, catches sometimes, just a gear in my throat. Just needs some polishing, maybe descaling, it only hurts when I’m inhaling, which mostly I don’t have to do. I was designed for precision work slim, interchangeable various parts, just not a...

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by on Nov 6, 2012 in Short Fiction | 3 comments

When I was twenty years old, my best friends and I stepped off the edge of the world. Michael died yesterday. These two things have everything and nothing to do with each other. People aren’t made to do what we did. Or maybe they are, and they just aren’t made to come back.   1. Jay Jay...

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I Am Thinking of You in the Spaces Between

by on Oct 4, 2011 in Short Fiction | 6 comments

by Shira Lipkin The notebook is on your nightstand, and it’s all that’s left of her in the thin morning light. It’s tattered—old blue cloth-covered thing, white cardboard showing through at the edges and corners. Looks like it’s ridden in her pocket for some time....

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