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The Quidnunx

by on Apr 20, 2016 in Short Fiction | 0 comments

14,400 words One: Bird Aptrick’s Word Bird Aptrick said an awful word. There are big curse words and little curse words in anybody’s language. A little cursing isn’t hardly cursing at all. A child could do it and everyone round the supper table would laugh, turn red, and stick a bun in...

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A Great Clerk of Necromancy

by on Jul 2, 2013 in Poetry | 6 comments

  Rhysling Award Nominee “Long Poem” A Great Clerk of Necromancy Catherynne M. Valente   Look: I am eight I look up from a vast recliner kingdom upholstered in 1970s off–gold and off–emerald I look up from a paperback I shouldn’t be reading and ask a room of...

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The Bread We Eat in Dreams

by on Nov 1, 2011 in Short Fiction | 9 comments

The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror (Paula Guran) selection, 2013 Locus Awards Best Short Story 4th Place 7,000 Words In a sea of long grass and tiny yellow blueberry flowers some ways off of Route 1, just about halfway between Cobscook Bay and Passamaquoddy Bay, the town of...

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Editorial: Good-bye

by on Nov 1, 2011 in Nonfiction | 0 comments

18 months ago I took over Apex as editor–I wanted to learn and I hoped to have an effect on the magazine and the field, highlighting new authors and printing stories that might not have found homes elsewhere. It’s not for me to judge whether I succeeded at that task, but a girl can...

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The Days of Flaming Motorcycles

by on Apr 7, 2010 in Short Fiction | 2 comments

(4200 Words) 2011 WSFA Award Nominee  To tell you the truth, my father wasn’t really that much different after he became a zombie. My mother just wandered off. I think she always wanted to do that, anyway. Just set off walking down the road and never look back. Just like my father always...

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