Audio Dramatization of “My Voice is in My Sword”

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A couple of weeks ago we made the announcement that we would be hearing the first Redshift audio dramatization of Apex Magazine Issue 45’s “My Voice is in My Sword” by Kate Elliot.  Today we are proud and excited to announce that the drama is now available!

“My Voice is in My Sword” is an adventure in theater, telling the story of the cast of Macbeth that ends with giggles and a corpse.  It was first published in Weird Tales from Shakespeare.

The audio dramatization is 25 minutes long and can be found on as well as anywhere you can subscribe to podcasts.


Ross – Eric Thompson
Bax – Chad David
Octavia – Miranda Hoeferson
Emmi – Angela Dumalag
Cheri – Nicole Chapin
Kostas – John Martino
Caraglio – Ellen Lucast
Peng-Hsin – Pam Torgrimson
Translation Screen – Paul Christian
El Directore – Nick Glover

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