Apex Magazine Story of the Year 2017 … The Winner Is …

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Over the past two weeks we asked you to choose your favorite Apex Magazine stories from 2017, and you did not disappoint. Votes flooded in, with so many stories getting tons of love, but only one story can be crowned the winner.

The Apex Magazine Story of the Year 2017 is “Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience™” by Rebecca Roanhorse.

“Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience™” appeared in Apex Magazine issue 99, a special issue guest edited by Dr. Amy H. Sturgis. It is just one of the fantastic stories featured in this issue of Indigenous and First Nations authors. If you have not read Rebecca’s stunning story yet, be sure to check it out!

Congratulations to Rebecca Roanhorse, and thank you to everyone who voted!

The Apex Magazine Cover of the Year 2017 poll is open now! Head over and vote for your favorite cover from 2017!



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