Apex Magazine Story of the Year 2014 Winner

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The votes are in and the time has come to announce the Apex Magazine Story of the Year for 2014!

The voting was close, with “Jackalope Wives” by Ursula Vernon, “Anthracite Weddings” by John Zaharick, “Candy Girl” by Chikodili Emelumadu, and “The House in Winter” by Jessica Sirkin all having strong numbers. Even one of our Steal the Spotlight entries, “Guided Breathing Exercise: Being Mindful of the Succubus in Your Bedroom” by Christine Purcell, got a fair number of votes. But one story pulled ahead of them all to claim the title of Apex Magazine Story of the Year 2014.

Drum roll please…

The Apex Magazine Story of the Year for 2014 is “Keep Talking” by Marie Vibbert!

“Keep Talking” appeared in issue 67, along with an interview with Marie. If you haven’t read the story yet, take a few minutes to do so now. You won’t regret it. It’s fantastic! And it has the votes to prove it.

A big Thank You to everyone who voted. We can’t wait to do it again next year.

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