Apex Magazine seeks submission editors

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From editor-in-chief Lynne M. Thomas:

Apex Magazine is currently seeking to add slush readers. Apex is a dark fantasy, sf, and horror online magazine that pays SFWA-certified professional rates for new fiction. Our submission guidelines are here: http://apex-magazine.com/submission-guidelines/.

Slushers are asked to select exceptional, well written stories (and very occasional poetry) for the Editor-In-Chief to consider for publication. Submission levels are currently at approximately 300 stories per month. Each slusher (we have several) is responsible for reading about 30 stories per month.  Consistent slushing is key to keeping up with submissions (we try to respond within 20 days to submissions).

If you’re interested in slushing for Apex, please send a paragraph to apex.lynne@gmail.com detailing what kind of literature you enjoy (favorite authors, etc.), and why you’d like to slush for Apex.



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