Apex Magazine Print and Digital Subscription Options

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I’m pleased to announce that Apex Magazine now offers our supporters and fans the ability to buy a recurring subscription for our print and digital editions of our monthly zine.

The recurring print issue cost is $8 a month. You can nab the digital edition for $2.99 a month. We’ve also included a recurring donation option that starts at $1 a month. You can cancel your subscription at any time. And reinstate your subscription at any time.

If this sounds a lot like our reward tier structure on Patreon, you’re right. Patreon announced the company is changing the way they’re handling payment processing fees that we feel places an unfair financial burden on our backers. In response, we have created these recurring payment options to give our supporters an alternative way to be Apex Magazine patrons.

However you choose to support Apex and other creators is your choice. The fact that you do makes you amazing. For now, we will maintain and promote our Patreon page like usual and look for alternatives in case a change in platform is needed.



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