Apex Magazine Podcast needs your Patreon support!

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Each month, Apex Magazine releases a professional quality podcast that features one of the original published works from the recent issue. Lisa Shininger both produces and narrates each episode. She’s a fabulous producer and fun to work with!

We’ve always provided the podcast for free to our listeners and readers. The cost of its production, hosting, and fiction has been handled by the zine from its inception. Sadly, this cost is no longer one that the zine can absorb.

We will continue to produce the podcast through the December issue. After that, we will rely on Patreon to pay for future episodes. I’ve setup our lowest milestone goal to $300. When we reach and maintain that amount, we will be able to bring you excellent Apex Magazine audio fiction! Considering that our Patreon number sits at $171.90, reaching $300 by December shouldn’t be a huge stretch.

If you enjoy our podcast, please consider pledging. Even $1 a month is a help, as we have thousands of listeners and readers. And as your pledge amount accrues, you’ll be rewarded not only by our podcast, but also Apex goodies!

Our Patreon page is here: https://www.patreon.com/apexmagazine

If you haven’t listened to our podcast, you can visit this page and hear some great fiction: http://www.apex-magazine.com/apex-magazine-podcast/

We thank you for your continued support and readership!

–Jason, E-i-C

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