Apex Magazine no longer to be in print

by on Dec 10, 2018 in Blog | 2 comments

Due to lack of interest, we will no longer be publishing the print edition of Apex Magazine. The beautiful dead tree version of the monthly publication barely broke even after a year. We’re incredibly proud of the 12 issues we produced. They’re as nice as any journal you’ll find anywhere.

Our recurring subscribers using the ApexBookCompany.com website will find that their subscription has been cancelled. We’ll be emailing them with options to subscribe via digital.

We will be restructuring our Patreon backer reward levels to reflect the change in available rewards. Those will be modified this week.

Of course, anyone due a refund will be refunded.



  1. I guess I was one of the few print subscribers, having subscribed back in May. Thank you for giving a printed magazine a shot for as long as you did. I wish you the best for the future and continued success.

  2. Sorry to hear that. I liked to sit drink coffee and read this magazine.

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