Apex Magazine News: Increased pay for nonfiction, reprints, and artwork

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Apex Publications is pleased to announce an increase in what we pay our Apex Magazine contributors for their nonfiction, reprints, and artwork. Thanks to the increase in the number of subscribers and single issue copies sold, we’re able to do this for our writers and artists. So, thank you readers!

Payment for nonfiction will double, going from $25 to $50.

Payment for artwork will increase 20%, going from $50 to $60.

Finally, we are going to pay $.01 per word for reprints, up to 5,000 words (previously, it was a flat $25).

These increases in pay rates will become effective starting with issue 50.

Apex Magazine publisher Jason Sizemore and I have goals of bringing our readers a third original story per issue, a second reprint, and to produce a nice podcast. Of course, that takes money (quite a bit of money), meaning we need to gain more subscribers and sell more issues. You can bet Jason and I will work hard to keep Apex Magazine awesome to make sure this happens!

You can subscribe to Apex Magazine via Weightless BooksApex Digital, or Kindle Subscriber Services.

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