Apex Magazine Cover of the Year 2016

by on Jan 2, 2017 in Blog | 10 comments

Here at Apex Magazine cover art is a big deal. We scour the internet searching for artists from around the globe with amazing artwork that we just have to share with you. In 2016 we featured 12 amazing artists and now it up to you – the Apex Magazine readers – to select your favorite cover from the past year.

Use the form below to vote for your favorite Apex Magazine cover from 2016. And once you’re done, head over and vote in our Apex Magazine Story of the Year poll!



  1. This is one of my favorites.

  2. Great pic, my favorite but all are good.

  3. Voting for
    Sydney Ray July cover

  4. July’s cover is unbelievable!

  5. Best of luck, Marcela!

  6. Hurricane woman is AMAZING!
    I’m voting for Sara Zar hurricane woman…..

  7. Love Love and More Love!

  8. Love ❤

  9. Hurricane woman

  10. Hurricane woman!!

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