Apex Magazine and Patreon Fiction

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tl;dr We will pay reprint rates for Patreon fiction.

Apex Magazine has been receiving queries regarding whether we will accept fiction originally published via Patreon to an author’s backers. I feel it is time to make a statement of policy about this new category of published work.

Apex Magazine will treat work previously published behind a Patreon paywall as a reprint. I’m a big fan of Patreon and the added revenue stream it provides authors (and editors and publishers), but once a story has been posted for readers, it is my understanding that first rights no longer exist.

It occurred to me that “Tumbledown,” a fantastic story originally published on Kameron Hurley’s Patreon page, might be a disappointment for the intersection of Kameron’s patrons and Apex readers because they’ve seen the story before. Treating the work as an original is not fair to a portion of our readers and subscribers. And it is not fair to expect a publication to pay original fiction rates.

Starting with issue 102, should Apex Magazine have the opportunity to publish amazing Patreon-based work like “Tumbledown” again, we will pay our standard reprint rate of 1 cent a word.

If you are a pro-level writer (like Kameron Hurley) and have work published on Patreon, we are interested in a query. Email Lesley, Maurice, or me to see if it is something we might can use.

Should a professional writers’ organization such as SFWA or HWA provide guidelines specific to Patreon fiction, we’ll adjust our policy as necessary.

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