Apex Magazine 2013 Cover of the Year Readers’ Poll

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2012 Apex Magazine Cover Art of the Year Winner — Viral Tropism by Aunia Kahn

Dear Apex Magazine fans and readers, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to vote for your favorite issue cover art published by Apex Magazine in the year 2013. The winning artist earns bragging rights and will receive a certificate to recognize the honor.

The twelve covers are listed below in the order they were published, beginning with issue 44 and ending with issue 55. Voting will run from today until next Wednesday night, 11:59pm EST. Any votes after Wednesday night, 11:59pm EST will not count.

Only one vote per person. In the event of duplicate votes, your first choice will be counted and subsequent votes will be eliminated.

January — Issue 44 (David Ho)

February — Issue 45 (Jason Mitchell & Stacey Ransom)

March — Issue 46 (Ken Wong)

April — Issue 47 (Naoto Hattori)

May — Issue 48 (Carrie Anne Baade)

June — Issue 49 (Julie Dillon)

July — Issue 50 (Aunia Kahn)

August — Issue 51 (Carrie Anne Baade)

September — Issue 52 (Steven Kenny)

October — Issue 53 (Bruce Holwerda)

November — Issue 54 (Galen Dara)

December — Issue 55 (Katy Shuttleworth)

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